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Center for Workforce Development: Program Donation Descriptions

Center for Workforce, Development, Operations


A donation to to the Center for Workforce Development for Operations Support is for general funds for:

  • Marketing;

  • Fundraising;

  • New Program and Partnership Development

  • Administrative Staff;

  • Accounting

  • Office Supplies/Equipment

Technical Assistance

 The Technical Assistance Division will assist non profits and community based organizations in improving and developing their programs and organizations into sustainable resources that can serve and meet their community or populations needs.
  • Materials and tool development for non-profits, client communities, and community organizations;
  • Providing Pro-Bono Technical Assistance to  a program or community that needs assistance.
  • Staff and Consultant Training.

For more info on our TA capabilities go to our Technical Assistance and Program Coaching Page or contact us at info@centersinternational.org

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LGBTQ One Workforce Program Development

The LGBT One Workforce initiative will create an educational and vocational training program to address LGBT youth specific barriers to a healthy life and place them in a reliable career path.  In designing this initiative for LGBT youth we addressed the over arching barriers that LGBT youth face like homelessness, substance and sexual abuse, the sense of isolation or not belonging, and healthy relationships. 

The LGBT One Workforce program will incorporate learning and on the job training in a safe and nurturing environment that will meet goals set out by LGBT youth and funders.   The following are components of the LGBT program:

  •  Education classes for GED attainment and certified vocational and life management training for youth ages 16 to 24;   

  • All youth will be placed in internships and transitional employment opportunities;   

  • Case management will occur throughout the training and for two years after completion of the program in order to assist with career development, housing, health and other supportive services that out LGBT youth graduates may need;    

  • Technical Assistance and training will be provided to resource partners, educational institutions, community organizations, and service providers so they may be better prepared to assist the LGBT community.              

These components will increase LGBT youth success in careers and reduce the multiple barriers that face LGBT youth within their community.

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