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Center for Workforce Development: Funders, Partnerships and Clients

CWD looks to partner with businesses, community organizations, schools, and social service agencies in order to increase the resources that we can bring to our client communities.  When we create partnerships the purpose is to supply communities with wrap around services.  These services when implemented together truly support our client community members so that they just don't get by but can take advantage of real opportunities.


Through our business partnerships we are able to supply our client communities with basic necessities.  These items are new and range from linens to small appliances to furniture to school supplies to clothing for employment.  In 2009 our local communities received over $40,000 from CWD in donations of in-kind goods and merchandise.   For more information on partnering with CWD, please contact Alison Piantedosi at 571-313-0980 or by email apiantedosi@centersinternational.org

Delaware Workforce Investment Board
Delaware Department of Labor
Family PASS

Gifts in Kind International



Client Communities

While most non-profits work with an individual(s) or within a certain aspect of a community, CWD works with the entire community, first evaluating the needs, partnering with needed resource providers, and  designing a plan for the entire community while serving individual community members.


 CWD works with community organizations, churches, diaspora groups, homeless shelters, young mothers, schools, adult/youth and veteran groups around Virginia and DC, if you are an organization or group assisting low and low income individuals and families that need assistance please contact Alison Piantedosi at 571-313-0980, or by email at info@centersinternational.org.  There are no fees for these donations.

Paw Paw Church of God, West Virginia
Sparrow Run, Newark Delaware
Algonkian Elementary, Sterling Virginia



 Today's non-profit is a business, so now more than ever we, in the non-profit arena must recognize the importance of the business community and what they can offer us and the populations we serve. 


CWD partners with business to bring resources to our program and client communities, curriculum review and insight to our programs, and most importantly employment and career opportunities for our participants. 

Strattrack, Inc

Board Builders

The Proxy Advisory Group

14th Street Photography

 Somali Tea

Planet Green



We are truly grateful for all our funders.  CWD receives funding from private businesses, a social enterprise, and over 100 individuals.  

The Ecco Group
The Proxy Advisory Group
Bed Bath and Beyond
Pottery Barn
Office Depot




Much like our work with businesses and communities, non-profits are an integral part to the success of CWD and our client communities.  


Through our Technical Assistance division, CWD works with non-profits to develop and implement programs, assess and evaluate an organization, individual program, or staff.


For more information on partnering or receiving Technical Assistance, please contact Arlene Ballou at 571-313-0980 or by email aballou@centersinternational.org


YouthBuild Newark
Arch Development
Charity Advantage
Global Relief Logistics
Pencader Hundred Community Center
The Brooks Center


Mission Fish


Event Sponsors

All CWD events are supported and sponsored by local businesses.   We are grateful for all the support  and fun that our sponsors have given us.


                Freddie's Beach Bar and Restaurant  

          BerryFine Bakery

          Cheesecake Factory

          Entertainment Cruise Lines


          Fairview Marriott

          Four Points Technology, LLC

          ROI Marketing

          Open Kitchen          






          Lia Sophia


          Massage Envy

          The Pampered Chef

          Sea Breeze Executive Suites

          Total Wine & More


          Washington Bike Center


          Wolf Trap